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The new Vikings stadium is for the birds, right?


Is the new Vikings stadium for the birds? In another great nugget of news from the anti-new stadium coalition, the fate of birds at the new Vikings stadium needs to be addressed, AGAIN. Last August, several concerns about migrating birds flying into the new Minnesota Vikings stadium’s large glass windows were addressed. The conclusion of […]

That park by the new stadium, not a park?

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 11.44.40 PM

More New Stadium Backlash.  You know that plot of land in our old tailgate lots that was designated to be “shared” public park? Well, according to the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board it’s not a park.  As reported by the Pioneer Press, the board  voted on Wednesday, August 6th to “wash its hands of a […]

How to Custom mount a Metrodome Stadium Seat

Metrodome Stadium Seat

If you were one of the 10,000 plus Minnesota fans who purchased a Metrodome stadium seat from Allbrecht Construction, you might be asking yourself, How do I custom mount my stadium seat? Well ask no more. The answer lies with a local business from Bloomington called Hammer Made Forge, a custom blacksmith and fabricater. The […]

Vikings Tailgating on Facebook



The Hail Mary in 1975 Drew Pearson pushed off or did he?


Every NFL franchise has a would of, could of, should of, if moment where there team was close but came out with no cigar in a moment of big game ending fate. For Vikings fans, it was the hail mary in 1975. Minnesota has more than a few of these franchise shaping moments, however ask […]

Christian Ponder Fail Mary is property of the NFL and cause of Viking fans loathing

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 2.58.35 PM

Christian Ponder Fail Mary is more than just a result of bad experiment at quarterback. At the end of the sad Cowboys game last week, Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder threw a pass to end the hopes of loyal fans of purple, establish a new buzz word for a failed long pass, and put some extra […]

Tailgating is half the experience


With new stadium develop looming, Vikings fans who believe tailgating is half of the experience in the NFL gameday, grow weary. This article from the St. Paul Pioneer Express sums up the feelings of Vikings fans quite well.

Guest Comment: My First Tailgating Experience to A Vikings Game


GUEST POST: Everyone should remember his or her first football game, particularly all the excitement and buzz surrounding the build-up to the trip itself regardless of whether you like betting on football. Remember, if you are into football betting it would be important to look for the best football betting sites. As a massive NFL […]

Picture of the Day of Vikings Training Camp Shariff Floyd

Shariff Floyd

My kids have been taking more of interest in the Vikings this season. Today for the first time as a team, we drove down to Vikings Training Camp. After paying $10.00 for parking and walking into the Vikings Village at Mankato, we learned that the Defensive Tackles would be signing autographs. My son really wanted […]

The Official Favorite Fox Sports North Gal is

josie for fox sports north gal

Our official favorite Fox Sports North gal is… Well let’s just say Tailgaters and Hockey fans would love the choice for our official favorite in the new for Fox Sports north gal contest. Her name is Josie, from Eveleth, MN (God’s country for Hockey). The tailgater crew who hangs out in Purple Lot # 1 […]

Will the new Vikings stadium mean the end of tailgating?

No Tailgating in Minnesota

I recently had the privilege to chat with Tim Nelson from Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) about tailgating at the new Vikings Stadium. Tim has been following and reporting on all news activities related to the new multi-purpose “Minnesota Sports Stadium,” including the impact it will have on the culture of tailgating for home games. Obviously, […]

Vikings Keys to Success Next Season

vikings keys to success

Either out of the spirit of the game or because of its impressive betting lines, people love to be an integral part of the NFL game. Football is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular and widely followed games in the world. Betting on NFL is growing at a tremendous rate; and with such a pace, […]

CBS Sports Local Five epic tailgating moments as told by a Vikings fan

tailgating in minnesota

In part 6 of the CBS Sports Local Tailgating in Minnesota series, I shared five of my favorite days in the lots for Vikings games with writer Christina Kalinowski. They are called epic tailgating moments. I can’t speak for everybody because every tailgater has their own lure to the tailgate lot. To the average these humble […]

CBS Sports local The Baddest Vikings Tailgate Vehicles


Of course, everyone has an opinion on the baddest Vikings tailgate vehicles just like everyone has their own plan on what to do with powerball winnings. In part five of CBS Sports’ Minnesota tailgating series of articles, writer Christina Kalinowski asked about the ultimate tailgate vehicles in the lots. To each their own,and it’s free country, […]