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Border battle Vikings Packers; little girl loses it on You Tube after latest blowout | VikingsTailgate.com UA-26338922-1

Border battle Vikings Packers; little girl loses it on You Tube after latest blowout

By  | November 19, 2011 | Filed under: Tailgating

This is just sad. After the latest border battle Vikings Packers game, I ran across this video showing a very disheartened little Viking girl crying in despair.

Of course, the video didn’t get ignored by Packers fans, who of course took the opportunity to bash all Minnesota fans on the site Total Packers, writing

After Monday night’s throttling, Vikings fans were, well, nowhere to be found. We suspected many of them were draping ropes over beams in their barns… after they finished fucking their sheep. We suspected others were drinking themselves into oblivion before coming on to their sister. Some were probably crying uncontrollably.

I had to take the high road (you can see my comment on their site). I think the Vikings Packers border battle is as fun as it gets in the NFL, but posts bashing the parents to purposely raise is the ire in the rivalry are just non-sense and banter. It’s almost as classless as Vikings fans chanting “Packers Suck!” whenever the team is mentioned.

Rise above it Vikings fans and admit the respect that champions earn. It stinks that our team hasn’t won the big one yet, but stooping down to take pot shots at other teams without intellectual exercise is as pointless as a college in Wisconsin. Long live the border battle with Vikings and Packers, and win the best team wins, at least show some dignity from both sides!!!

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