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Tuesday, 09/01/2015

Tailgating, or as the Berserkers define it "the act of mentally and physically preparing oneself for a Vikings football game" is one of this country's best traditions. To the Berserkers, tailgating means means driving a van, or beaten down truck to Washington Avenue with a gas grill, field goal posts, six pounds of beef, pork or brats, and several cases of Minnesota's finest brew and bottles of Schnapps. According to our adopted Uncle Joe Kahn, Tailgating is :

"The last great American neighborhood - the tailgating neighborhood. Where no one locks their doors, everyone is happy to see you and all are together sharing fun, food and football!It's families. It's fans. It's a community social. It's pre-game, halftime, post-game and more. It's the total game day experience!"

The Berserkers believe that you can tailgate with anyone (except maybe Lambeau Field Packer fans, who refuse to acccept that there are NFL teams with loyal fans who might actually like to visit their house without animosity) as long as you respect their loyalty and are willing to share space in the same parking lot.

We always try to be good ambassadors for Vikings fans throughout the nation, and take our "Tailgating Attitude" all over the country. We love our homefield tailgate and will be more than happy to share our "turf" with NFL fans who share the same tailgating philosophy. Through our experiences we collected many tips to tailgating and stories to share. This is the section of the web page where you can read about our experience.

Our Commissioner's Site. See pictures of his National tour...

The Real Truth About Men and Tailgating
NPR (audio) - Washington, D.C.
Commentator Patrick Gavin let's the cat out of the bag and reveals that "men zone" of tailgating actually shows our "feminine" side. Scary stuff! Listen and cringe.

NFL Tailgating Tips
Vikings Fans Tailgating Bylaws/Guidelines
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True Proof: We party with Cheeseheads, Too. Not All Packer Fans are Jerks. Our friends Wales and Paulie are proof of that!

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