MVP: Assist. QB Coach Jerrod Johnson On New Scheme, Utilizing Past Experience | Episode 152

Welcome back to the Minnesota Vikings Podcast. We continue our series this summer introducing our listeners to members of the Minnesota Vikings coaching staff. This time Tatum Everett and Gabe Henderson meet up with Assistant Quarterbacks coach Jerrod Johnson to talk about his ties to Texas A & M, his past experiences in playing quarterback, coaching from […]

MVP – Special Teams Assistant Ben Kotwica On His NFL Experience & The Joy Of Coaching | Episode 151

Special Teams Assistant Coach Ben Kotwica joins Tatum Everett, Gabe Henderson and Producer Jay Nelson this week on the podcast. “Coach K” (sorry Gabe) has used his experiences growing up in Chicago, attending West Point, flying Apache helicopters and more to help navigate his way through his NFL career. He shares what gives him his motivation […]

MVP: Matt Cassel Talks Kevin O’Connell, 2022 Team Prospects | Episode 150

Welcome to Episode 150 of the Minnesota Vikings Podcast. Alumni Quarterback Matt Cassel joins Tatum Everett and Gabe Henderson to reminisce about his time here in Minnesota, his long friendship with Head Coach Kevin O’Connell and what it’s like to have to absorb a new system as a quarterback. Producer Jay Nelson joins Gabe and Tatum to […]

MVP: Answering Fan Questions, Eric Smith Says Goodbye | Episode 149

Welcome to Episode 149 of the Minnesota Vikings podcast. Gabe Henderson and Producer Jay Nelson are joined by Vikings team reporter Eric Smith during the final week of his time with the organization. The guys answer fan social media questions, including: CJ Ham’s role in the 2022 offense, the speed of the 2022 offseason, and debating the best […]

MVP: Vikings Address The Tragedy In Uvalde, Texas; Boyd & Thielen Talk About Giving Back | Episode 148

Tatum Everett, Gabe Henderson and Producer Jay Nelson discuss the fallout from the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas. Hear from head Coach Kevin O’Connell, Tackle Brian O’Neill and Linebacker Eric Kendricks, as they talked to the media during their stop at Highwood Hills Elementary School in St. Paul this week. The crew is also joined by Texas native, […]

MVP: Chris Reed Talks About Coming Back to Minnesota, The Journey Forward | Episode 147

Vikings Guard Chris Reed joins Tatum Everett, Staff Writer Craig Peters and Producer Jay Nelson on this week’s episode of the Minnesota Vikings. Chris remembers his love for Vikings Training Camp down in Mankato, looking forward to a fresh start in the new Vikings scheme, the collaboration that has been going on so far during offseason […]