I know it’s only day #3 but for goodness sakes…WHY IS CHRISTIAN DARRISAW WITH THE TWOS?!

As we get started, please understand something with me. I’m not dumb…there are reasons that the coaching staff of the Minnesota Vikings get paid MILLIONS of dollars and I’m sitting here during intermission of a hockey game writing a blog about a football team… Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, WHY IN […]

Sherlock Holmes level sleuthing reveals first-look at what could be a revamped Vikings offensive line

The media invite to Vikings OTAs doesn’t open the doors until Wednesday, but that doesn’t mean the sports reporters won’t do what they can to dig up scoops playing with what they’ve got. That’s exactly what we saw yesterday when an observant reporter hit the pause button in Zapruder fashion on a highlight video released […]